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New Water – How do I approach?

By May 7, 2021Experiences

By moving into a new home, I am forced to leave old habits in my waters behind and now face new challenges at new waters.

But how do I proceed with a new body of water?


The most important tool is my polarised glasses. With these I can look at structures and weedy areas in detail.

When the use of a boat is forbidden, I often cast a heavy lead through the bottom of the water. So I can quickly feel where the ground is muddy, gravelly or weedy. With a little practice, you will quickly get a feeling of what surface you are currently through feedback through the lead weight.


Once I’ve found my spot, I usually approach with a single popup. I like to use a simply tied Spinna rig.


I recently started using this approach on my new body of water.


The first session at the new body of water, a small 7-hectare low-stock quarry lake, was immediately crowned with success.

Although the stock is completely unknown and, according to other anglers, no carp have been stocked in the last 10 years, I am still in good spirits and take this lake as a challenge.

The fact that this fat mirror ended up in the landing net during the first session definitely gives hope for more and confirms my approach was correct.

Best regards,

Robert Raditzky