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By December 16, 2020Equipment

Short rods are currently in trend, and rightly so. Anglers who do not have to cast extreme distances are no longer dependent on a 12 ft or even a 13 ft rod. The common casting distance is up to 100 meters which are also achievable with a short 10 ft rod. With the right casting technique, 100-meter casts are possible with a 10 ft rod. So what’s the point in transporting long and bulky rods when it is not necessary.

Our semi-telescopic CMT rods in the XS range are ideally suited for those who want to keep their tackle lightweight and compact without the need to carry unnecessary long rods.

Another field of activity is mobile angling, those who depend on moving with the fish to reach their success, can with the XS CMT rods due to the quick disassembly and pack down of the rods.

Included is also a Neoprene Rod Protector which lets you add protection to both the tip and butt section of the rod.

The grip section of the rod is unique due to its rubber grip. If you place the rod on concrete or cobblestones the rubber grip will protect the rod blank from blows and shocks. Additionally, the rubber also provides improved grip while casting.

The rod is also very lightweight due to the high modular carbon used throughout the blank. Small yet noticeable weight savings are achieved, through the use of very light SEA Guides.

The XS CMT rods are available in both of 9 and 10 Ft. with a casting weight of 2.75 / 3.00 / 3.25 Lbs. Due to the specifications of the rod, the range can be used for a wide variety of angling applications, such as boat fishing, river fishing, mobile urban style fishing or even fishing at the quarry pond.

Pick the right rod specification for your needs. If you need any help selecting a rod from the range, then get in contact with us in the contact section.

All the best on the water.
Your Strategy Team