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Mobile Fishing Combo Strategy ST1 XS / Strategy GTR S

By April 2, 2020Equipment

Spring has slowly but surely come, some anglers have already tamed their first spring carp, and the others certainly want to start soon. Maybe some of you are looking for a good and affordable combo? In the following blog, I want to bring to your attention my favourite combo for stalking on carp.

Urban Carp Mat - Strategy


The Strategy ST1 XS, which is made up of two black sections and available in lengths of 2.70m to 3.30m with casting weights of 2.00 / 2.5 / 3.00 and 3.5LBS. I mostly use the 2.70m model with a casting weight of 2Ibs for stalking.

The rod has a soft but powerful parabolic action to cushion the runs, but enough power in the rear end to keep the fish away from obstacles if needed. Due to the somewhat softer action, softer baits such as bread cast excellently.

Attached to the blank are sturdy and large rings, which can also be very beneficial in winter, but above all help guide thicker carp line along the blank.

I also really like the line clip attached directly to the blank, which allows me, for example, to fish very well with free line without having to close the bail wire on my reel.

ST1 XS Rod - Strategy


I find the Strategy GTR-S reel ideal for the ST1 XS rod. This is available in two sizes and for the 4500 size 210 / 0.35 and the 5500 size 310 / 0.35 monofilament line.

The reel is black to match the rod, has a screw-in handle, which I think has a great reel knob made of wood that is wonderful to hold.
What I also love about the reel is the perfect line lay with a high line retraction.

Particularly noteworthy is the smooth drag, the quick drag brake disc is of course a must.

GTR-S Reel - Strategy
Urban Carp - Simon - Strategy

I hope you enjoy stalking during spring, all the best, Simon Gottschall.