May 27, 2021

Markus Hahn – Keep on fighting

Hi Guys, It's the end of May now and it turns out that there haven't been too many snapshots on social media in the past two months. You probably also…
May 7, 2021

New Water – How do I approach?

By moving into a new home, I am forced to leave old habits in my waters behind and now face new challenges at new waters. But how do I proceed…
March 12, 2021

XS CMT Backpack

Anyone who has ever tried to keep their tackle low and still have everything they need with them will quickly find that they probably need several bags to fit all…
March 5, 2021

Carp fishing in winter

Winter is probably the most demanding time to outsmart a carp. At this time of year they lower their metabolism, swim only short distances and in the process take in…
XS CMT Rod Blog - Featured ImageEquipment
December 16, 2020


Short rods are currently in trend, and rightly so. Anglers who do not have to cast extreme distances are no longer dependent on a 12 ft or even a 13…
Featured Image - XS BlogExperiences
November 20, 2020

Urban Carp Fishing

Like everything around us, modern carp fishing is developing very rapidly. Not only is the bait adapted based on angling style and target species, but the tackle you need for…
Featured Image - Mobile Fishing Combo - StrategyEquipment
April 2, 2020

Mobile Fishing Combo Strategy ST1 XS / Strategy GTR S

Spring has slowly but surely come, some anglers have already tamed their first spring carp, and the others certainly want to start soon. Maybe some of you are looking for…