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Urban Carp Fishing

By November 20, 2020Experiences

Like everything around us, modern carp fishing is developing very rapidly. Not only is the bait adapted based on angling style and target species, but the tackle you need for your style of fishing is becoming an important factor. Similar to predatory fishing, urban carp fishing is gaining in popularity each year.

It has a unique charm to be fish in an area that would often be overlooked by most anglers. It makes the experience much more thrilling, fishing in uncharted urban waters waiting for the first urban carp to bite.

What is the difference from conventional fishing on a natural lake or gravel pit?

Two very essential points when urban angling are both the choice of tackle and fishing spot. When urban carp fishing you don’t always have the luxury to unload your tackle and set up directly next to your preferred angling spot. It is often the case that you have to cover several kilometres before you find a suitable spot. For this reason, it is essential that everything is compact and light. The Strategy XS range is specifically designed for this type of angling. All of our XS products can be combined with one another. For example, our XS Backpack can easily connect with our rods or bitsbags using our slide-in system. This lets you fish hands-free preventing you from having to hold the rods in your hands separately. Perfect, when covering large distances.

Both the pack and transport size of our XS range of products is very small. For example, our rods have a length of 9ft or 10ft. This is beneficial in the city because you often fish in tight spaces and the casting distance is generally kept at a minimum. Fighting a carp using a 10ft rod is both challenging yet very rewarding.

Once you locate the fish, it’s easy to get prepared using the XS gear, as there are no long setup times meaning your ready to fish in no time.

We hope that you will be fascinated by the attraction of Urban Carp Fishing and that you will soon have your first successful city fishing session.

Best of luck!