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Markus Hahn – Keep on fighting

By May 27, 2021Experiences

Hi Guys,

It’s the end of May now and it turns out that there haven’t been too many snapshots on social media in the past two months. You probably also noticed that things are simply not going as they have been for the last few years at the same time.

In any case, I can say that February and April (at least for me) went badly. Well ok, this is normal in February. But already in March, I had seen an upward trend with the first big fish in 2021. So I was in a very positive mood for spring and was put through a tough test in April (like many of us).

Strong and above all rapid temperature fluctuations with minus degrees in the night had caught the fish. The winter spots had been abandoned, but where are the fish going and where are they feedin (if at all) ?


And so I started searching and experimenting. The river was still too cold at this point. Nevertheless, I asked the pole anglers, who then confirmed my suspicion. There was hardly anything to get here, so I tried again at the lakes. However, some of the local areas were very busy due to the spring stocking and since I like to have peace and quiet, the portfolio was even more limited.


Anyone who has followed my profile on Instagram already knows how the story ended up and I don’t want to keep you tortured for too long. In the past few day’s I was able to put several fish on the mat again. And well-fed ones too!