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XS CMT Backpack

Anyone who has ever tried to keep their tackle low and still have everything they need with them will quickly find that they probably need several bags to fit all their gear. This is especially the case when you want to fish from spot to spot, and carrying more than one bag is a pain.

With the XS CMT Backpack, we have succeeded in developing a backpack that accommodates everything! You get everything you need for a day session in this one backpack or can be attached to the backpack. It is a rod sleeve, backpack and carryall in one.

What features does the XS CMT Rod Backpack have:

The padded back of the rucksack can be easily opened at the side with a large zipper. Once you have removed all the velcro fasteners, the backpack can be opened and you have access to the rods. Up to 3 assembled rods can be stowed away. Semi-telescopic rods with a length of 9 and 10 ft are suitable. The rods can be attached with a velcro fastener and stay fixed in the backpack during transport. In addition, not only do small reels (4000) fit in, but also Big Pit reels up to 7000 size. By removing the upholstery, there is more space inside and the large reels can fit in without any problems.

Below the reels there is an inner pocket that can be filled with bait or tackle. It makes sense to put rather heavy things in there in order to get a good center of gravity while carrying.

From the outside, a flap is immediately noticeable, this offers further storage space. When you open the flap you have a deep pocket, which is ideal for stowing a tackle box. The smaller inner pocket, on the other hand, is suitable for small items or for some snacks and drinks.

There are also 2 loops on the side to which a 2-part landing net can be attached. This can also be packed in a stink bag and attached together.

We have also retained the XS Bits Bag System with the XS CMT Backpack in order to be able to use the XS Bits Pouches from the XS System Backpack or even more rods if needed.

For example, to attach the XS Unhooking Mat Lite, there is a D-ring on the side of the belt. Of course, other accessories can also be attached to the D-rings.

The backpack offers you many options to transport your tackle safely and still be mobile when it comes to moving to the next spot.

Your Strategy Team